3 Moisturizer Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed



A simple tub of your favorite hydrating moisturizer can actually solve more than your dry skin woes. This super-versatile product will not only keep you fresh and young, it also gives you the most bang for your buck.

Deep Clean for Dry Skin

Dry skin sufferers know the struggle is real. Get yourself a product that intensely cleans and kiss your fragile skin goodbye. It’s hard to find an exfoliant gentle enough to get the thin layer of dirt and dead skin off you without rubbing the rest raw.

Exfoliating means shedding dull, dead skin to reveal younger skin underneath. The process
however, makes your skin vulnerable and exposed because it also strips it of its natural barrier. The key to this is to use products that promote rapid cell turnover—products rich in water.

To get that deep clean you so crave, first find a moisturizer that seriously hydrates to get skin cells excited to repair itself, better if you can get one with SPF so you can protect your assets while you wait for your new skin to grow. Try Céleteque Light Facial Cream with SPF 30, it’s fast absorbing, ultra-moisturizing and feathery light on skin. It contains Aquaxyl which traps water into skin layers plus it has the right amount of sunscreen protection to keep you guarded from the sun.

You can then mix in some brown sugar with your moisturizer, the granules will serve as your gentle exfoliant as well as your natural source of alpha hydroxyl that will boost cell production. Apply this solution onto your face in gentle buffing motions. Let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with warm water or simply wiping off with a warm towel.

Remember to schedule your exfoliations. Women aged 30 and above will benefit from a monthly routine while ladies 40 and above can do with a 40-day regimen. This clocks in with your natural skin shedding schedule relative to your age.

The Gentlest Lip Liner Remover

Instead of removing long-staying lip liners with an oil-based remover, try a pea-sized helping of your moisturizer. Spread and rub gently on your lips to remove product residue. You can even try putting a few drops of water in your mixture to make it even more diluted and mild to your liking.

Remember that the skin on your lips is different from the skin on your face and must be treated differently as well. Facial skin has 16 cellular layers while lips only have 3 to 5, because of this, lips tend to chap more than skin tends to peel.

Super hydrating moisturizers help soothe chapped lips and help repair tear damage too. Finish off your lip cleansing routine with warm water so that none of the moisturizer accidentally end up in your mouth.

Reapply Sunscreen On Top of Makeup

Moisturizers are the secret to taking care of your skin while having your makeup intact. Light, blendable SPF moisturizers make your skin absorb its nutrients seamlessly, unlike plain sunscreens that are too thick and leave a white cast upon application. Its lightweight composition also allows you to mix it with your favorite liquid or cream foundation so you can re-apply sun protection mid-day.

Simply combine your SPF moisturizer with a bit of foundation then lightly apply on face with a sponge in light dabbing motions. For this trick, it’s best to apply the mixture with a sponge instead of a stippling or foundation brush. A brush will disturb the makeup you still have on whereas a sponge will just apply the product on top.

Ideally, it is advised to re-apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours to maximize its benefits. Focus on the high-planes of your face which take the most beating from harmful UV rays such as cheekbones and your forehead.

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