5 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Fresh

When you don’t get enough sleep, it shows on your skin. Good thing there are simple make up tricks that can make you look fresh and well rested even on days when you haven’t completed your beauty sleep.

Try these 5 tricks when applying make up:


  1. Curl your lashes.

Your eyes look more open when your lashes are upturned. To get the best results, squeeze your lash curler once at your lashline, once in the middle, and once more at the ends. Seal the look with a swipe of a volumizing mascara.


  1. Line your eyes with a nude pencil.

You don’t want to make your eyes look heavy, you’ll want to save the smoky smudge for another day. Instead, line your waterline with a nude pencil liner to open up your eyes.


  1. Apply highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes.

Your eyes give away how tired or rested you feel. Remedy this by applying a tiny dot of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. Sweep any excess across the lid with a round, fluffy brush for brighter-looking eyes.


  1. Hide dark circles with the right concealer.

After a long night, your biggest problem area is right under your eyes. To cover dark circles, apply concealer after foundation. Start at the tearduct, then stroke under the lashline towards the center of the eye, following the triangular shape of the dark shadow. Blend with your fingertip, carefully tapping to blend for a seamless finish.


  1. Go for rosy lip colors.

Darker lippies can add years to your face. Instead, go for a shade that’s a few shades rosier than your natural lip color. Finish off the look with a touch of a shimmery gloss in the center of your bottom lip for extra plumpness.

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