5 Steps to the Perfect Makeup Kit


A great makeup kit is one that contains just what you need—no more, no less. If you’re guilty of excess baggage—of the makeup kind that is, then this cleanse is for you. We give you the on-the-go girl’s guide to the perfect cosme0c bag so you can finally purge your purse and bring only the items worth carrying.

  1. Plan Your Day

A successful makeup kit is one you can actually use. Before heading out to work in your favorite nude lipstick, consider if you have plans tonight that will require you to add glamour to your look. A darker hued lipstick perhaps? A tame shade for the office might be the right amount of professional for the day but pocketing a deeper shade of red for an elegant switch in the evening is just smart. Try Céleteque Matte Lipstck in Wine, it has an easy, crayon-like tip so you don’t need to fumble with a lip brush for precise application.

  1. Assess Your Skin

Makeup will adhere differently to different skin types. Ladies with dry skin will see their powder makeup (such as blush) lose contact first while oilier skin types will need to retouch their bases more. If you know which products have the shortest lifespan on your face, then bring them along with you, they deserve to make the cut.

  1. Identify the Basics

You don’t need multiple shades of red lipstick in your traveling kit, nor do you need your lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss all in your small bag. Makeup kit space is prime real estate. Stick to the mother of each category, which is usually the most essen0al. For example, ditch your lipstick for your lip liner instead. It has the longest wear out of all the lip products plus it’s the least bulky out of its family.

  1. Choose Multi-taskers

Get yourself some hard-working products that do double-duty work for you. Not only will they lessen the items you carry but they will do you right by fulfilling the job of three, just like Céleteque Dual CC Matte Powder. This handy compact color corrects skin while keeping it matte and fresh-looking for up to 12 hours. The sponge applicator is versatile enough too so that you can do dense pats on problem areas for a quick conceal on spots. Color corrector, ma]fier and a concealer in one!

  1. Bring Items High On the Retouch Scale

These are usually products applied on areas with the highest mobility such as the eyes and mouth. So as far as makeup goes, these include your eyeliner, concealer and lipstick. These will also be the most likely to smudge and bleed as the day goes on so having a makeup remover is a bonus. To keep your bag light, try to bring a few sheets of Céleteque Make-up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes and a couple of Q-tips. Rub the Q-tip on the cleansing wipe so you can do spot corrections and erase any imperfections with minimal makeup casualty.

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