Skin care smart enough to match your brillance.

Backed by science and trusted by women, Céleteque provides expert solutions that can answer the unique formula of your skin. Merging science + aesthetics, it's skin care smart enough for you.

ASC reference number: U053P050217C

We have beautiful skin down to a science.

Celeteque's DermoScience technology makes use only of derma-grade ingredients and co-created with dermatologists necessary to promote overall skin health. Merged with Unilab's medical expertise and dermatological advances comes a line of products that are clinically tested to deliver results.

Different problems need
different solutions.

Celeteque DermoScience has 6 skincare lines co-developed with dermatologists for different skin conditions: Hydration, Acne Solutions, Sun Care, Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging and Hair & Scalp Care. Whatever skin concern you have, Celeteque has you covered.

Go from bare to made-up.

Witness a new Dermo breakthrough that will change the way you look at beauty. The all-new Celeteque DermoCosmetics is an innovation that combines makeup and skin care in one. With DermoCosmetics, you can complement your skin care routine with coverage and colors that protect and nourish your skin.

No empty promises, just effective results.

With Celeteque DermoScience and DermoCosmetics, there are no empty promises, no superficial claims, just effective results that are based on science and the expertise of Dermatologists.