The Right Way to Apply Your Skin Products

Did you know that the way you apply your skin care products is just as important as what is in them?

The Right Way to Apply Your Skin Products

Most of us know our skin care routine by heart. But what we may not realize is that the application process can make your products more effective. With the right technique, you can ensure that your skin is getting the most out of your beauty arsenal.

Take a look at these tips on the proper ways to apply your products, including the order you should be following:



The best way to apply it: Use lukewarm water to open up your pores. Use your fingers to rub cleanser in big circles on your cheeks. Then use semi-circles on the sides of your nose and big circles on your forehead. Massage gently so you can get into the nooks and crannies.

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The best way to apply it: Similar to your cleanser, but you move your fingers in smaller circles. You’ll want to focus more on your nose and chin; not so much on the apples of your cheek. Limit exfoliating to 1-2 times a week.

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The best way to apply it: Apply toner onto dry cotton pads. Start at the middle of your forehead, then glide upwards towards the hairline. Do the same for your nose and chin. Avoid scrubbing or pressing too hard.

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Eye Cream

The best way to apply it: Using the tips of your ring fingers, pat it underneath your eyes. The skin around the eyes is more sensitive; so take care not to tug at the skin.

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The best way to apply it: The best way to apply it: Use the dap and tap method. Pat from your nose across your cheeks, then swirl in circular motions Using your ring finger, dab and pat the product starting from the center of your face, then move and out across your forehead. Let the product absorb properly.

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Practice the tips mentioned above to reap the full benefits of your skin care products.

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