Three Rules for Minimized Pores



Often we hear that the best makeup is great skin, but in order to get that real, natural, bare-faced glow, how much work does the “au naturel” look really require?

Great skin need only the basics: great pores. But getting great pores is a bit more complicated. As we age, our skin’s ability to keep pores taught and tight get weaker, making these holes eventually grow in size as our skin starts to sag. Enlarged pores not only affect your appearance, they trap more dirt and keep them on your skin longer. Gunk in pores make it difficult for skin to bounce off light too, thus dulling your skin’s radiance in the process.

We may not be able to turn back time to get our youth back but with these tips, we can keep father time from inflicting any more damages. Hopefully, we might even erase a few of his past work while we’re at it.

Clean Up

This isn’t your basic wash and exfoliate routine. To really get in your pores and reach down to where all the oil and gunk are, you need a bit more elbow grease than usual.

Oil and dirt expand and inflame pores through time, and a superficial cleanse may not always rid them of these things. First, DIY a steam facial. You can hop in a steamer or simply pour hot water in a bowl and position your face over the wafting hot air right above it. This will open up pores in preparation for the cleaning stage.

Then set yourself for some vacuum action. Nowadays, it’s easy to procure an at-home pore vacuum device that will extract grime from pores. Feel free to do this if you’re comfortable with a home set-up, but nothing beats an appointment with an aesthetician 3 to 4 times a year. They can properly administer facials that will address acne, blackheads and deep-seated dirt and they do it with sanitized equipment. Having an expert at your disposal also gives you leeway to ask questions about your skin and lifestyle.

Ready your cleanser. A mild cleanser like Céleteque Hydration Facial Wash is great for everyday but thoroughly wash your face with a charcoal charged cleanser once every two weeks. Charcoal is proven to bind with dirt that’s 800 times its weight and can give you that squeaky clean feeling afterwards. You can follow this up with some gentle exfoliation. Remember not to scrub too hard, we don’t want to irritate our pores further.

The Closer

Once pores are clean, it’s time to shrink them down. Remember that sagging skin means sagging pores so taking care of our pores will not only mean goodbye to acne and blackheads but a hello to youthful looking skin too.

For this step, grab your toners. A mild one like Céleteque Advanced Anti-Aging Alcohol Free Toner will always be more favorable than astringent ones because healthy skin favors those who are gentle (this also applies to the pressure you put on your face while scrubbing and buffing it with products). If your skin is more on the dry side and are sensitive to toners, that’s okay. You can skip the toner and go directly to the holy grail of pore care which is…

Maintain, Moisturize, Power Up and Protect

Chronologic aging, a term used to describe the physiological decline our bodies undergo, is a naturally occurring process. How bad or how good we age depend on genetics, hormones, our metabolism and lifestyle. Although we can’t do anything about our genes, science has paved the way to make adjustments on our hormones while diet and exercise make up for our metabolism and lifestyle. All these contribute to our skin’s ability to keep itself tight and firm which in turn, make those pores close up.

Keeping a well-balanced skin routine is also key to improving your lifestyle. We achieve this by using products that enrich skin such as serums that pump up collagen and increase elasticity. These reduce wrinkles and make skin firm again.

Try to zero in on a water-based serum that will take care of moisture and absorption so it’s mild on skin. Céleteque Advanced Anti Aging Pore Tightening Serum has Niacinamide that improves firmness and has both Alpha-lipoic Acid and Salicylic Acid that manage oil production. Oil is the bane of our pores so reducing it from where it starts and ridding it from the top layer of skin will instantly make you look healthier and glowing.

Céleteque Advanced Anti Aging Pore Tightening Serum has a velvety, smooth finish that absorbs into skin a few seconds after application. Unlike other pore-refining products that leave a thin veil of cream on skin to blur pores, Céleteque Advanced Anti Aging Pore Tightening Serum has healthy and nourishing ingredients that absorb into skin, plumping it from underneath. Plus, it won’t leave residue behind that will clog up pores. The nutrients in this serum powerfully expedite the natural abilities of our cells to repair and retain elasticity, giving a remedy to aging, sagging skin. Tighter skin, mean tighter pores and a smoother, more flawless appearance.

Its hydrating and gentle formula is great for soothing parched skin. Skin feels tighter after application and as the day wears off, dull, grey undertones are less visible. Skin feels smooth and refined to the touch.

Achieving beautiful skin and microscopic pores require a whole lifestyle change but with practice, these habits will become eventually unnoticeable, just like your pores.

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